Security of Historical Cities 2018. - Challenges of Tourism

In addition to the many benefits for the communities where it takes place, tourism carries many risks both for the local community and tourists, as well as for the preservation of valuable historical legacies.

Such risks require answers – how to protect people and their property, how to preserve heritage, and how to enable sustainable development of the community labouring under tourism exploitation conditions, as well as those issues concerning the specific conditions of cities with an historical heritage.

Experts and practitioners from different countries and cultures of Europe and America, with a profound and wide experience, will discuss these very issues at the Conference on Security of Historic Cities in 2018.

Big Security Award 2017

Best Partnership for Security Project – Initiative of the Year

The 2017 Big Security Award given by the Croatian Association of Security Managers in the category of “Partnership for Security, the Initiative of the Year,“ was awarded by an expert jury for the best rated project – the 1st International Conference on “Security of Historic Cities,” held in March in Split.

The award was received by the representatives of the Croatian Association of Historical Cities and the Regional Club of IPA Split-Dalmatia, who were also the co-organizers of the conference.

The topic announced for the conference on the Security of Historic Cities in March 2018 is: the Challenges of Tourism.

What are the modern security challenges, especially in terms of the risk pertaining to the cultural and historical heritage of old cities affected by tourism expansion, large crowds of citizens and guests, and the various activities in city centres, and the like?

What are the professional and local community responses to these challenges, and which practices actually bring success? How to plan, organize and manage events pertaining to venues, to the economic development and meaningful use of resources in safe conditions?

Which partnerships at the local level help ensure the coexistence of history and contemporary challenges, and in what way?

 Who is this conference for?

Who is this conference for?

  • County prefects, mayors
  • Security and crime prevention professionals
  • Local government representatives (professional community services: utility, transport, etc.)
  • Civilians in city committees, districts, and councils
  • Emergency services (police department, fire department, ambulance, protection and rescue)
  • Civic and professional associations
  • Local safety partnerships: Council for Crime Prevention, Safety Committee, Council for Traffic Safety
  • Employees of private security firms and insurance companies

Exhibitions of Counterfeit Art: The Beauty of False Glitter

The exhibition “The Beauty of False Glamor” contains counterfeit art pieces, paintings, and sculptures of eminent Croatian artists seized on the black art market, that make part of The Police Museum holdings.

This event is not only an exhibition of paintings and sculptures but also a testimony of how credulous people can be blinded. It demonstrates how the black market works in unscrupulous ways, deceiving both benevolent and malevolent customers in the race for profit. This exhibition presents a specific form of crime and aims to raise awareness of buying expensive artworks of all types and to oppose the black market.

The Police Museum collection was initiated around ten years ago through collecting counterfeit artwork that was brought by some police officers after final court judgments. The systematic collection began in 2009 when the Office for Organised Crime from Criminal Police Directorate managed to get permission to donate counterfeits to the Museum after final court judgments, what replaced the previous practice of counterfeit destruction.

Nowadays, this sub-section of the Criminalistics Collection consists around 6o exhibits, mostly oil paintings and several sculptures. The majority of counterfeits are the works of Edo Murtić, Zlatko Prica, Ljubo Ivančić, Mersad Beber, and to a lesser extent, those of Dimitrije Popović, Đuro Pulitika, Vasko Lipovac, Ivan Lacković Croata, Miljenko Stančić, Vladimir Kirin, Oskar Herman, Boris Bućan, Ivan Rabuzin, Ivan Getaldić, Ferdo Kovačević, Dragica Cvek Jordan, and Nikola Reiser. There are also three counterfeit sculptures of Dušan Džamonja, and one of Vojin Bakić. In addition to the works of Croatian authors, there are also counterfeit works of Salvador Dali and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The exhibition will be set up at the Le Meridien Lav hotel during the conference.


Organizers and Co-Organizers

International Police Association
Hrvatska udruga povijesnih gradova
Sveučilišni odjel za forenzične znanosti

16 – 17 March 2018